Why do I feel Dizzy after consuming Cannabis?

Do you feel dizzy after you smoke cannabis, and you also feel faint after edibles? Here, we’ll discuss what that means, and what you can do to prevent it. 

Why would Cannabis Make Me Dizzy in the first Place? 

Well, there’s not a full-fledged answer for that, and while we can’t fully extrapolate it, it actually involves your circulatory system as well. Veterans that use cannabis usually remember their first instances, where they suddenly feel their heart rate and blood pressure rise. 

As someone builds up a THC tolerance, it lowers the blood pressure, since it actually can have vasodilation help with this, and it can also be a reason for the puffy eyes after you smoke a bowl. But while we don’t really know much about why it happens, that’s what we can extrapolate from this. 

How common is Fainting and side Effects 

There are probably a few stories here and there which may make you worried. But the truth is, fainting is not common when you smoke or eat and edible, and there is a line between being so overly stoned you black out, and then, fainting, which may be a brief period. 

With dizziness, you don’t get the memory loss that blacking out does. Other side effects do include paranoia in those with THC strains, psychosis for some people, dry mouth or cotton mouth, and occasionally, memory impairment and interruptions every now and then. 

How to Prevent this 

So if you deal with dizziness when you smoke, you may wonder what it is that you can do. The first thing is that you should not worry obviously. Worrying and being paranoid does make matters worse, especially when you’re trying to manage your cannabis consumption. If you find that certain strains are making you dizzy, it’s probably due to way too much THC in that strain, so find one that’s more balanced to CBD compared to THC and avoid high-THC strains that don’t have it otherwise. 

You also may want to have some food beforehand, since in some people, it can make them feel stronger effects when hungry, much like how alcohol does it to many people. 

You also may want to look at how you’re consuming the cannabis.  Some people can’t handle edibles because they’re super potent, and it can feel overwhelming in some cases. If you find that edibles are making you dizzy, then try something else. Try smoking, bong, or even joints, whichever works for you. 

If you do like to use edibles, it could be a sign you need to micro dose in most cases. Limit it to only 2.5 mg of the THC in order to keep the effects in place without being overwhelmed. Finally, make sure you’re not trying to just smoke a bowl fast or eat a bunch of edibles. Sometimes, the dizzy spells are a sign of sudden THC in the body, and that may cause a blood pressure spike. The system can’t process it, and then it cases a reaction that’s left unbalanced. 

The best advice is to go slow with this. If you’re someone who is using this around people who are veterans, you don’t need to go to their level just to be cool, but instead, move at speeds that are better for yourself too. And as well, when you’re taking it slow, try to take this as well without standing up. Sitting down lets you focus your attention as well on the feelings that you have, and it may be better if you’re able to go slowly but surely as well.