THCA Diamonds, what are they

THCA diamonds are some of the strongest extracts out there. They’re not psychotropic though, and it just takes heat to make these, and usually, ovens and bong bowls help. They’re still new, but users are using them all over the place. Here, learn everything you need to know about the crystals here. 

First, what’s THCA 

This is actually a precursor to THC, and this pretty much involves enzymes within tis, which make it the “mother cannabinoid” CBGA for people. While they aren’t psychotropic, they’re not all that different from regular THC. But with the addition of the two oxygen and the one hydrogen atom does prevent this from binding to the receptor that catalyzes the effects. 

It only takes a little bit of heat to eject this, and that’s how it converts. This means that when you light up the joint and apply the torch, this converts. The diamonds and other extracts don’t start out as psychotropic, but when exposed to enough heat, they can, but this actually has a legal grey area to it as a result of this. 

Is it Legal 

Because of it’s relationship to regular THC, it  does leave many people confused. It appears that there isn’t a regulation for this, and this ca be something that can be hard to figure out. The thing is, it’s legal to possess according to law, but once you see it, it’s degraded, and that makes it illegal. 

This is quite hard to figure out, even with the FDA reporting on legislation of this, and despite there being legal states with THC and CBD along with delta-8, there is not one mention of THCA, which leaves people confused as well. This usually however, r involves possession of a plant though to start with, which means that if you do have this in a state, it is illegal period. But importing it to other places technically is. Despite the intentions, the exposure of this is not fully explained, and who knows, we may get some more clear-cut laws on this down the line. 

How to Use These

The THCA diamonds are crystals that are made of pure THCA and that results from a couple of different methods of extraction, which is through what’s called “diamond mining”. But the techniques that separate this from the other constituents can definitely be a bit different. Even a little diamond contains more THCA than just a blunt tat’s made of flower. Cannabis users use vaporizers or dabs in order to convert this into larger amounts of THC, which results in a fast and very powerful sort of high. 

How you make these though is usually a little bit complicated.  It is one of the strongest types of cannabis contents out there, and it can be quite potent. This involves filtering, rotatory evaporation, followed by purification, but you don’t need fancy equipment to do this. Diamond mining is usually done to make this work, and for the most part, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. 

You first need BHO or a live resin for the cannabis, and you want some freshly harvested or snap frozen kinds of buds. Then you want to jar it and store it at high temperatures. From there, it will crystalize as well. You let it sit for a few weeks, and make sure that you “burp” these jars every few days. Then, you purge the mixture with a vacuum in order to separate the crystals from the sauce of terp, and then, you can mix this together, or separate them depending on the results that you want. 

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