Is there a link that’s there between exercising and cannabis? Can it help you? Here, you’ll learn the different factors behind this. 

What does Research Say? 

Well, according to research, we can understand this better. According to data involving 600 different cannabis users that are in the US where it’s legalized, about 80% of them use it right before, or following exercise, and usually, it involved about an hour or so’s worth of exercise. 

The study found that there was a connection there between cannabis and higher rates of exercise, and some found it more enjoyable and approved of the results. Some also found that there was more pleasure, and better recovery as well. There were some however, that noticed the coordination and reaction were different, and there was some precautions done on using this during weight lifting and rock climbing, but there is a chance that it could help. 

Cannabis and Mindset 

Cannabis actually can help with the mindset during activity as well. In a study in 2017 involving some lab rats, it was found that a low amount of THC helped with improving cognitive function in those test subjects, and there is also anecdotal evidence that experts in the fitness realm do. 

For some, this helps with focusing on tasks, and even works as catalysts to help achieve a better, more meditative flow and state of excitement during this. 

What about Endurance? 

Well, when it comes to the benefits of cannabis on endurance, there isn’t enough studies that say it works, but the anecdotal evidence is right there. According to some people though, it was found that there is some benefit that comes when you take cannabis edibles, and they feel a lot more lightweight. 

There is also some studies that have found that there is a possible connection between one’s athletic performance and cannabis, since it was able to tune into that, and help with improving the focus on different tasks that are at hand. 

For recovery, it can also help too. They’re super important, and with the proper recuperation, you’ll be able to get the next workout done better. There is some studies that have found that the plant does help with improving the soothing muscles that are there when working out. Sleep is another big part of it too, with some people sleeping and recovering better after taking 15 mg of THC and were able to sleep much more soundly than otherwise. 

Does it Affect Cardio? 

Well, while there are some positives, there is some who assume it can impact cardio. There is some research that was found that low, and even moderate amounts may increase your heart rate and may cause you to have a temporary increase in your blood pressure. 

But this may not be an issue for most healthy people, but if you do have a heart condition, this might be something to be mindful of. There is also the problem that if you do use weed for exercise, you need to make sure that you don’t have it in your system when you take a drug test. They use urine tests to look at the samples, and if you’re a chronic user, you’ll want to wait up to 90 days before it’s fully out, 30 minimally if you use it only a little bit. 

The key thing here is to be smart with it and take the proper safety measures that are there, and also be mindful of whether or not it’ll help you before you decide to use this as a long-term solution for your athletic abilities.