Is Medical Marijuana Good for Those with ALS

With more and more research looking at health and wellness of people, there are some who wonder about whether it would help with ALS.  This disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, where the condition doesn’t have a core, and right now, there are studies being done to help understand the disease. 

Right now, there is some speculation that it could help, but here’s what we know about it. 

First, what’s ALS 

While people probably know what ALS is through ice bucket challenge, it’s more tan that. It’s a neurodegenerative condition that destroys the nervous system, and it can destroy the cells involved with contracting muscles. 

The skeletal muscles are used for moving, and most people assume that this is what plays a role in existence, but it also works as well with making sure that they release the chemicals that are needed, and also reduce the chances of metabolic issues. ALS is a condition that damages different muscles, to the point where the motor cells will die off. 

It can affect the upper motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, or it can affect the lower impulses from neurons all over the body. Right now, after diagnosis, most people have a life expectancy of 205 years, but some may live much longer. The reason for ALS is not known, but there are some factors which may underpin this, and that includes: 

  • Cell death that’s programmed 
  • Inflammation and autoimmunity 
  • Injury due to free radicals 
  • Infections 
  • Genetics 
  • Dysfunction of the mitochondria 
  • An accumulation of clumps of protein 

Right now, most of the treatments include body positioning, custom wheelchairs, feeding tubes to eat, breathing aids, nutrition, and splints and braces.  There is also an FDA approved drug to help with this. 

So Can Weed Help? 

Well, right now there is no cure for this, but a treatment to delay how fast the disease moves is definitely worth looking at. Cannabis has over 500 interesting molecules, including terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, and this offers a treatment for a lot of different health conditions. 

There are other interesting compounds too, which might be used to help the ECS play better roles for signaling and otherwise of the molecules. According to scientific studies, there are an expansive amount s of causation found in this, and some research has found that increasing CB2 receptors in motor neuron damage areas may be an involvement of ECS on this. 

There are some animal studies, where it was found hat higher parts of 2-AG may be found in the lower spinal cord, which can play a part of a defense mechanism. Because there are tons of chemicals which target this, right now scientists are determining the role in lowering the symptoms, also looking at ALS causes. 

Right now, there is some research that was found that THC may play a role in actually being used to help with some of the underlying aspects that are associated with ALS. While it also may include other anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants and antagonists, this may help with other growth factors, including the enhancing agent of the mitochondria. Cannabis may help with a lot of this, and it may be a possible treatment for this.

But while it can’t be a cure, it can help with managing pain, relaxing the muscle, helping with the opening of the lung airways, stimulating the appetite, and also inducing sleep. Right now, there is no cure, but hopefully, over time we find more about this, and the benefits of such too. 

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